1. Spring Washers
Manufacturing Range & Standards
Manufactured as per IS 3063, IS 6735 and DIN 7980 standards or as per client specifications. Sizes range from 3 mm to 42 mm.
Size Range Section Type Quality Standard
3 mm – 42 mm Flat IS 3063
3 mm – 42 mm Square IS 6735/DIN 7980
1/4 inch – 1 1/2 inch Flat/Square BS 1802
Spring Washers can also be manufactured as per specifications provided by the client.
Washers can also be provided in surface treated condition if required.
2. Snap Rings
Manufacturing Range
Snap Rings are manufactured as per client specifications only. Sizes range from SP-32 to SP- 140.
Snap Rings are used mainly in the bearing industry, but also have other applications. The purpose of the ring is to retain the bearing alignment wherever necessary. Installed into specially designed grooves within a cylinder or on a shaft, the retaining ring acts to capture or limit movement of a part to be retained.